I am a lover of massages. I will brave some brutality to find a quality massage for a good deal. Thank the higher being for Mikey! I have had soreness for years in my back, shoulders, and (recently) sciatic nerve due to my physically demanding job. While setting up his table (did I mention he travels to you!) he had me go through my day to day and my pains. He took the approach of treating our session like a physical therapy treatment.  He helped stretch out my shoulders, hips, and legs before a therapeutic sports massage. It was like a recovery session, and was exactly what I needed. He explained what he was doing, made sure I was comfortable, and was very professional. I felt great and slept like a baby.  I can't wait for my next session.

Amanda B.

Renovatio Mobile Massage is amazing....not only do they travel to you but the massage therapists are awesome!! I highly recommend checking them out and spread the word...This is as good as it gets with massages!!

Kimberly D.

Excellent service!

I purchased a voucher for Renovatio massage through Amazon Local. Scheduling was very efficient (I emailed Mikey my schedule and he called me back with what worked). They are very accessible to contact and are great with communication - I called as late as 830pm one night to confirm an appointment and they answered right away. They called to confirm before my appointment and Mikey called after to confirm that the massage went well and ask for feedback. There hours are great for busy people 9a-9p most days. Overall, the company is extremely well run and responsive.

The massage was awesome - I had Alice come to my house. She was very professional, and an excellent masseuse. She asked me at appropriate intervals about the pressure, asked about any particular problem areas and had great technique. I felt wonderful afterwards.

Will definitely use again and recommend to my friends and colleagues.

Shannon T.

Renovatio Massage is outstanding! I've used their services several times now and am happy every time. They are professional, efficient and undeniably great at what they do. The therapist is always thorough in making me feel comfortable and making sure my massage needs are met. I've got a pretty busy schedule, so being able to book online and have a therapist come to me already puts me at ease. I look forward to my next massage.

Amanda H.


Awesome massage! I bought a voucher for a massage and was able to easily book my appt online. The massage therapist was extremely professional, arrived on time and made me feel comfortable. This is something I would definitely pay full price for again.

Amanda B.

Mikey made me feel comfortable and relaxed during my session.  He was very considerate, especially when it came to my back.  Even for weeks after my massage, the pain from my scoliosis was very minor and my body was much more relaxed.  I am definitely getting another massage from Mikey, as he is patient, dedicated, and amazing at what he does.

Briana R.

Mikey is an amazing massage therapist!! He is very knowledgeable and explains exactly what he's doing (and why). I can't go for too long without getting a massage from him. I would suggest Renovatio to everyone. You'll be moving around better than ever, and feel relaxed!

Elaine A.

My massage was fantastic. The therapist was very professional and attentive. I would definitely recommend Renovatio Mobile Massage.

Kelly G.

My daughter is a pitcher and has on-going back pain.  She stretches on her own but doesn’t get the same results. Mikey gently stretches her lower back and she immediately feels relief.  The massage along with the stretching has been very effective for my daughter.  We're glad that Mikey was recommended to us.

Sandra G. 



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